I'm still single :(... I find it easier to talk online but is this a bad idea? Experiences...

I'm 21 and still single. I'm a shy kinda girl and I don't like the idea of approaching guys first. I never have because I don't want to unless I know a guy is interested. I haven't had any clear sign that a guy is interested in me in person. Most guys I come across seem confused in what they want and why can't a guy just tell you straight instead of playing games with a girls mind?

I talk to guys more online because I find it easier and I can initiate conversation more easily like that. However, recently I feel that guys over the internet see me as second best and just someone to talk to when they have nothing else to do. I have a good online friend but he is from America and I'm from England. I knew it wouldn't work so I told him right from the start that we could only be friends. We are far away, different cultures, religions and ages. He's 27 and I'm 21 but he's the coolest guy I know... He's in the army and I understand that army life is hard so sometimes I have to keep that in mind when I get random messages from him. However, he messages me once in a while which I have no problem with but... He keeps saying I miss you. I think he only misses my attention and the fact that I talk to him. I find it hard to believe that he can miss me when we have never seen each other in person :s. I feel like telling him not to say that but I get worried if I upset him.

Do guys reallyyyy mean it when they say I miss you? I care about him and I want him to be happy. Should I tell him to find a girlfriend and should I stop talking to him? He's the only genuine guy friend I have but I don't think I can handle it if things get serious.

So... I also tried online dating sites. Didn't get much from it. I have found that it's mainly older guys on those sites and they just want to find a potential wife. I can't seem to find someone that clicks with me. Should I stop this internet searching. It's starting to feel stupid and nothing is working for me. I feel so lost and confused when it comes to guys... I may have to have an arranged marriage if no guy comes to me.


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  • Here we go with I'm female and single give me a break. I'm so sick and tired of hearing whinny women complain that their single boo woo woo. Please women don't have to put any effort or very very little into getting a date/boyfriend. And now you know what guys through when we have to approach. For girls all they have to do is

    1) Look pretty or decent

    2) Not be too fat or to skinny

    3) Have a good personality.

    Fo guys

    1) Be tall

    2) Be hot

    3) Be rich

    4) Drive a cool/expensive car

    5) Have a big penis

    6) Be funny

    7) Be a jerk, douche bag a-hole

    8) Be really smart


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  • Let this relationship with the guy go.

    It's a long distance relationship already.

    Find a closer guy.

    There are a lot of guys out there.

  • Love comes from anywhere and everywhere. It does not sound like a realistic situation with this guy but keep on pluggin away. ?I think your personality fits meeting a guy online so you really get to know him but be careful and also make sure you are being realistic as well.


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  • You're 21 and fretting out too soon.

    An arranged marriage? What's your ethnic background?

    How about joining a club where you'll find something in common with people and start a friendship from there?

    You can't tell what people are from the internet especially when you haven't seen him in flesh or met him before...

    • Hey..

      I'm so busy with university and I don't have time for clubs at the moment.

      I'm Indian and my family wants me to find an Indian guy but it's really difficult.

      Have you got a bf? What ways do you think it is best to find a guy?

    • Negotiate with your family... like ask them for more time!

      No I don't. Not into guys... :-P