Do guys only show affection when he feel threatened by another guy?

We've been dating for 7 months. So far he never call just to chat but today he called just to see how I'm going. He also been acting more sensitive to me. He even introduce me to friends.

Lately I've been talking about my Dr a lot and he suspected I like him. Is he doing this for his ego? Or because he realize he has to make a move or lose me because we are not exclusive even none of us is dating others?


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  • It would be the latter part.

    He's afraid of losing you.

    This might be in favor of you because he'll begin working out your relationship.

    • If he only wants a relationship with me because he is scared of losing me its kinda pointless. Cos it means he doesn't want me. He only wants to secure his spot and once he feel secure again he might want his freedom aagin

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