My best friend hurt me, don't know what to do

basically this guy and I have known each other for 3 years, and is a bit complicated, cause we dated than he went to the army and we just remained friends, and than he moved back home and we stayed in touch, and basically I've been in love with him for a long time, he was my first everything, sex, kiss, date, but all we were was friends, but for me it ment more, and he did give me signs that he wanted to be with me, I guess leading me on? Telling me I'm girlfriend material, moving in with each other, mixed signals that gave me hopes..

Well we dated again from August at least I thought we did, when he moved to my town, I spendt the nights with him, we went on dates etc I thought OK finally now we can be together..

Well in October he sudddently began ignoring me, telling me he is busy etc, than a few weeks later before Xmas he is in a rel with a girl he went to high school with, she ended up dumping him after a month..

We havnt talked for 6 months , we are fcb friends and I got so hurt when I saw he was in a rel, I didn't go crazy and call him up and yell cause all we were was friends so I had no right, what I simply did was to move on, and let go.

Now after 6 months he began a few weeks ago liking my pics, newest pictures, I thought it was very weird but didn't read much into it, it was fcb

byt than he suddently contacted me 2 weeks ago , asking how I was doing and how we suddently lost touch, by the way he is dating a new girl now..

Basically he explained what had happened and I didn't buy any of the bs he said

he also told how he really wants me as his friend, well if he cared why didn't he write me for my birthday last weekend..

He asked if I was dating anyone and began talking about old jokes etc we had together and I basically ignored it all

told him I didn't have time to care about people who don't care about me

So what to do? Thanks for reading my long essay xD


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  • You should just ignore him.

    He's just considering you as a friend and no intention of turning it into something more than that.


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