Family/Dating Dilemma

Long story short: I am interested in a lady and have been for a few years now. This is because my mother dates her uncle so we're family in a sense.

I have been wanting to ask her out for a while now. The thing is, I'm afraid doing this would make things awkward, whether if we were to date. I've told my mother this and she said that she doesn't want us to. So far, I've respected that.

However, we have become good friends. We text frequently, we've hung out, etc. Last summer, I took her to a ballgame and the way it went, it almost seemed like it was a date. The post-date text from her was something a girl would send if she had a great time on a date.

Our texts are a bit flirty. She always seems excited to talk to her, always using '!' and smiley faces. Last week, she sent me a text when I was in the hospital saying that she was thinking of me.

So, I think she's interested and not just being nice. But I could be wrong. The question I have is, should I take a chance and ask her out or just forget it?

By the way, we are in our mid-20s.

Thanks in advance for any replies. :)


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  • You should ask her out.

    She's really into you.


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