Being single on Facebook, if your dating sometime age 24 _ 35

If you were in a serious dating relationship..effete you see each other every day.. And spend lots of time together...where you dint go on any dates with any one else, would you publicly display your relationship status as single, or hide it..

And why

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  • idk I think there's so much pressure on Facebook to have to update your status. I mean who cares right? seriously who in the world is trolling through people's profiles trying to see what their status is instead of either politely asking how are things going or just not even asking. so yeah it's up to you tho with what you're comfortable sharing. either publicly or privately or not at all. the relationship is ultimately between you and your girlfriend and it really is no one else's business to interogate the matter.

    • I'll add to this

      We are not talking about a "couple" who's never on Facebook.. But a couple who updates and posts daily.

      What would be fair or right in your opinion

    • i actually had to go to my Facebook page to see what the options are lol

      i can see your point and understand what you're asking

      have you and your girlfriend talked about this as in updating both your status'?

      and how 'bout you post a picture of you and her on Facebook page?

      that might sum it all up right there :o)

      i hope things work out with you and her.

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  • I wouldn't have a status for relationship...unless I'm engaged or married to this person. It gives people knowing how often I date someone or how rare it is. It gives this person himself the idea that I'm really really serious well I might not be or might be. It's ridiculous really, at least for me this whole relationship status bullsh*t. You can be serious with someone in person and show them that, don't need to change your status. However if you already got the single status as public, and I say this if I were you, I'd either get rid of the status in general, or I'd make it private.

  • If you have it as a hidden status you can leave it like that, it's up to you, but if you see on her Facebook that she has changed her status to in a relationship, it wouldn't hurt to do the same. Most females I know like to see that their partner is openly taken.


    If you are not keen on changing it right away then you can always wait for the situation that may or may not occur when she brings it up in conversation and then change it.

  • If I was exclusively dating someone, I wouldn't classify myself as single, so not, I wouldn't advertise that I was single. If the other person wanted to advertise that we were in a relationship, I wouldn't have a problem with that, but I don't really see the point putting every single detail about yourself on fb, I think it's kinda stupid.

  • I have my status (single) hidden at the moment. I don't really care, I just never felt the need to update it so I just left it alone. The people who know me the most know if I am single or in a relationship. If I were to get into a relationship soon I doubt I would update it. If he was on Facebook and he wanted to change the status to show we're in a relationship together, I probably would. Although I think usually it's just girls who care more about the status than guys do, so I doubt he would.


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  • I'd give her my password and let her set whatever she wanted. Or well, I would want to but I can't remember my password myself.

  • Leave like that. Commitment requests have to come from women, not from you.

    • Leave like what?

      I'm not understanding which direction you're leaning on this

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    • I'm more old fashion, I prefer the commitment requests to come from the men.

    • Well, personally, I'd never make my girl change her relationship status to "in a relationship" in Facebook. It's her profile, not mine. I proudly fail to see the importance of that.

  • Had a Facebook. Liked Facebook. Stop liking Facebook. Deleted Facebook.