Would you dump him if you were me?

I really like my "boyfriend". We've been going out for a month, but I've known him since last August. We worked together, until I quit 6 weeks ago. I've never had the type of chemistry we have with anyone else. He always makes me laugh, and totally gets my sense of humor. Even though we have a lot of fun together, we have the deepest, best conversations. The problem is I've only seen him once since we started dating. Part of it isn't our fault; I was gone for a week and his phone was broken a different week. Also, my old boss is being really terrible to him, making him work everyday until midnight while he's trying to graduate high school. He's always tired, and I feel bad for him. Still, I can't stand dating someone I never see, no matter how much he calls me... He quit this week. Part of me wanted to wait it out and see how things are when he's free. Until he told me that his parents are basically grounding him so he'll focus on school. Then, I called him today and he was actually at the mall, but he didn't invite me. I would've loved to go to the mall, I'm a girl for a goodness sake. This guy says the sweetest things; I can tell he genuinely cares, but I don't know how much longer I can take this. If you were me, would you dump this guy?

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  • I wouldn't be quick to dump him but I would tell him that this is a problem and ask him to come up with a solution for it.

    • I called he and said "Did you really just randomly call me?" and it was a short kind rude talk.. I texted him, "Now I'm randomly texting you.." He didn't respond, so I double texted him, ".. To tell you that I'm sick of waiting for this relationship to go somewhere.." he still hasn't responded, is that bad?

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  • I'd say end it only because it seems you're not really ready for a real relationship if THIS is what's making you question breaking up with him... do him and you that favor.

  • He did you and your wallet a favor not inviting you to the mall.


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