Is ghetto a big turn off? Lol! girlie girls vs tomboys?

i can b sweet and cute and girly, but many guys tell me I text ghetto ha ha and then they're like but you're not like that in person

one guy was like "woah if I didn't know you I'd think I'm texting a black girl Lol"

sometimes I wonder if I should b more girlie lol


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  • Don't worry about it. It's not a big turn off, and many guys (the ones you will be happiest with) will like and appreciate your style.

    It's cliche, but be yourself. If you start acting like this or that, you won't be as happy. And what the hell is the point of that?


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  • How does one text ghetto?

    • Haha inno but I get this a lot man!

      mayb its because I don't type out all the words or the slang I use or my jokes are kinda ratchet?

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    • y ty~glad you said that I pride myself in my character :p

      foreal? Lol

    • Your welcome.

  • be yourself when you text. don't be all try'n act ghetto fool because that shiznit be stoopid and annoying az fu*ck.

    • i thought I was being myself nigga~

      jk ha ha I get that, I grew up with my 3 boy cousins and my brother and I guess that's why I act like one of the guys sometimes

    • and yes it's a turn off because it's so stupid sounding.

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