Do you ever miss someone you know you shouldn't?

approximately a year ago I started talking to this guy and we became really good friends. we went on a couple of dates, but I had never been in a relationship before and I kinda think I psyched myself out. we were both going off to different schools and I kinda knew that if I didn't perpetuate things he wasn't the sort to keep things going cause he's not hugely social (even though I knew he liked me). and I was right, we haven't really talked that much since.

i didn't really know what I wanted, and maybe I still don't, but I recently really started to miss him, and at a really inconvenient time since he now has a girlfriend that he's been dating for awhile.

maybe I'm just lonely, or maybe I'm just hoping I didn't make a huge mistake...but are there ever those people you just know it's not good for you to miss?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, the dead people I'm once with.

    It's not good since it gives bad memories.


What Girls Said 1

  • YES! I dated this guy casually for months. He treated me without respect and was quite frankly...bad. Not a good quality to him, he was a crappy person and selfish and mean. But I grew attached because he was a really good player and it took months for me to stop missing him. But I realize that missing him was mostly because I miss the times when I liked him and didn't know better about what a jerk he is. It's hard though. I think it's mostly when there is no one else in the picture so it's natural to gravitate back to when you were with someone.

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