"what women say vs. what women mean" Chart

I'm making this for humor and educational purposes. I'm not bitter or mad at all. It's dating - sh*t happens.

She says: "Let's just be friends"

She means: "Let's move on, gradually stop talking to each other and meet other people"

She says: "I'm not interested in dating"

She means: "I'm interested in dating. Just not in dating you"

She says: "You are a nice guy"

She means: "You're a nice guy but..."

She says: "Oh, I'm busy"

She means: "I have some time, but I'm not into you, so you're not a priority to me"

Okay. I think some people are misinterpreting what I'm saying. If it's because I didn't communicate it clearly enough, I'm sorry about that.

1. This can apply to both genders, just like any question on these forums. I'm focusing on it on the male perspective.

2. When it comes to sex, no means no. Don't ever think I'm implying that just because actions speak louder than words, that I'm suggesting there are ways to circumvent around if a woman says no. No means no
3. I'm not demonizing women for saying these things. Women say things they don't mean all the time, not because they want to deceive men but because they think they feel a certain way and then in time, they change their minds.They have every right to, and in their position (with plenty of men who make scenes when they don't get their way), it's the right thing to do.


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  • what men say vs. what they mean:

    he says: "want to hang out?"

    he means "want to have sex?"

    he says "let's be friends"

    he means: "I'm going to start off being your friend, but I'm going to become increasingly inappropriate and then I will blame you for leading me on when you don't end up having sex with me"

    • Wanna come to my house and watch a movie = lets f*** , as well

      and the second one, yea lmao

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    • why-makoto-CUNT! when have I said I hate women?

      i appreciate that you admire me and all but that doesn't give you any rights to follow me around and point me out with your aggravating inputs that you seem to be so professional at.

      anyways, I met to play some mind games in a positive way cause obviously, though you might not know anything about this, you can't just go up to a a person and ask them for sex, especially if you are asking a chick

    • casa is angry. I'm really scared. /trollface

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  • She says: No, I'm not interested.

    She means: I'm not interested now nor will I ever be. Despite all men thinking otherwise, persistence will not pay off.

  • I'd argue that the first is wrong. When a woman says she wants to be friends, she probably really means it. It's guys who don't want to hurt a girl's feelings who mean what you wrote.

    Also, this should be an article/story. Not a question.

    • I'm taking in feedback before I write it as an article. Also, I agree, it does work both ways. But often when women do say let's just be friends, she doesn't mean "great, now that we are friends, lets hang out next Sunday and then hang out every month". what usually happens is the two text, and then she slowly gets less responsive over time. if you're already her friend, she'll probably keep being your friend provided you're cool with just that. if you just met her, no.

    • Oh. Yeah, if you just met, no. I was thinking if you were friends or non-romantic acquaintances beforehand.

    • yea

  • These are pretty true. I used to use these, but I am more honest yet tactful now. I don't try to be friends with exes, though, and I don't say I'm not interested in dating at all, because I only feel that way if I've been really burned.

    • "Women say things they don't mean all the time, not because they want to deceive men but because they think they feel a certain way and then in time, they change their minds.They have every right to, and in their position (with plenty of men who make scenes when they don't get their way), it's the right thing to do."

      YES! We change our minds, and then it drives us nuts when guys accuse us of lying. It's like "No, I just felt differently back then dangit." xD

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    • you're right. it's perfectly reasonable to want a guy who works full time (or if he isn't, he is at least doing everything he can to work full time). yeah, a guy shouldn't have to support a woman, but he should be able to support himself and not depend on anyone else. this is the same that I expect from a woman.

    • Exactly! I don't expect a guy to treat me to dinner, buy me jewelry and stuff; just to want to go out places with me without pouting.

  • Guys definitely do these things too. Don't pin all the blame on us. It's equally done by both genders.

    • Did you, by any chance, read?

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    • I said /before/ posting your question. That is an update. Clearly after.

    • but 3 hours before your post. you had time to read it.

  • Pretty much


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  • Those are quite nice, but all of them could as well be from a guy saying to a girl.

    • uhh, guys don't say one thing and mean another.. they say what they mean

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    • Lommelun: it's hard to believe what guys say when so many have lied to you. I mean, I do try to take people at their word, but some guys have told me flat-out lies when the evidence said otherwise ("I didn't sleep with her" and "I love you") so it's hard not to be on guard until you really get to know the guy, and you know he's not one of those selfish people who will put you down in any way possible to get what he wants (sex, control, etc.).

    • That being said, I almost wish guys regarded me with that same skepticism instead of immediately seeing right through me, that I'm telling the truth, then trying to take advantage of me at all costs.

  • You don't need to explain yourself bro. Who wants to understand, will understand... Nice one by the way :)

  • That's a good start. You should keep going and post it as an article on here.


  • Yeah, it's very good.

  • True words right here I agree 100%. Women are nothing but liars who will probably tell me how wrong I am go ahead, we all know you are lying anyways. Nothing but shallow, superficial, needy gold diggers. I would like to add some others.

    She says money doesn't matter

    She means I will never date a guy who is jobless or

    doesn't make over $30k a year.

    She calls you cute

    She means Sorry but your too ugly to date.

    She says penis size really doesn't matter

    She means Not over 7 inches you're not getting any action.

    • She says money doesn't matter, she does mean it but she also doesn't want to be working to support the jobless guy sitting on the couch all day playing video games

      She calls YOU specific cute, she means you have potential in the looks department but you have too harsh a view on life and people

      She says penis size doesn't matter, she means if you are under 5 inches you better use your tool right and/or have a great personality.

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    • Lol your problem likely isn't that women lie rather than your poor attitude!

    • You people need to learn how to read I never said this list was or had anything to do with me. And if the OP read what I wrote he would realize I was agreeing with him. But instead he wants to call and point the finger and call me names. Second how is my answer trolling? I'm entailed to my opinion so that's a bunch of . And lastly if you take what I said then tough sh*t, I'm sick of hearing women bitch & complain over and over again about how there's no nice guys.

  • She says: "You're a cute guy"

    She means: "You're an okay looking guy but you're not hot enough for me to want to date and f*** you"

    • I've been told I'm cute a few times by girls on here, and I will never believe it. But I have yet to get called cute, handsome or other useless/meaningless names in public.

    • Yeah me too. Girls here ALWAYS say I'm cute, but idk...not sure about it.

    • Hot means we want to bang you, not cute :P

  • Never listen to what a woman says. It is 100% meaningless.

    Watch her actions. That is the only thing that matters.

    9 times out of 10 their actions DO NOT line up with their words.

    • Give this man a prize

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    • It happens. Some physiological responses might happen, and she might physically want it, but she says no for moral reasons, or because she isn't emotionally ready. Some guys say "well, her pupils are dilated, she's breathing heavy and she's lubricated. Carry on!" and they ignore her no, then she likely gives up and regrets it the next day.

    • yeah, when it comes to sex. no means no. most other things though, it doesn't matter how positive her language is. if her actions aren't there, then it means no