Should I just delete his number?

I met this guy. He text me pretty much everyday all day until we finally met up and hung out. The first night I was kinda drunk as I was coming from the bars. He didn't really make many advances just a little touch here and there.

Second time he moved in to kiss and things got steamy. He still continued to text me. Third time he took me to meet his friend and his friend's wife we went back to his place and well you know.

We were supposed to hang out the other night and he winded up never texting me back so I let it go and just didn't text I'm the next day which was yesterday. While I was out he text me once then when I tried to start a convo he stopped replying.

Now I wanted some closure so I asked straight out does he not want to talk anymore and he told me he has just been busy and that he didn't say that he didn't want to talk to me anymore.

Should I just delete his number and move on? I have a knack for falling for guys really fast and they all turn out to be just like this in some way or another


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  • Well, you said he stopped texting after you guys "well you know", so he got what he went after you for, now he could careless about you, delete his number or keep it and mark it fwb/booty call, lol. I was in the sane situation not too long ago, but since he played games and used me, I got even and used him whenever I needed or wanted to. :) just a call or a text, and he always got the point, haven't said no, cause sex was all this douche wanted lol.

    • well that's where I got confused because we did it twice. After the first time he still hit me up but after that second time nothing really. If he got what he wanted the first time around then why not stop talking then. Why lead me on for a second to then stop talking. I deleted his number and I am talking to someone new now. Feelings are kinda hurt because I did like him, but now I am to the point where it's his lost not mines so F*** him lol

    • You're on the right track already, you go girl ;)

      Maybe the first time he didn't get enough, so he went for the second to complete his thirst ? Lol, but who gives a f now, douches are douches, 'nuffsed.

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  • Ok. Here's the thing you need to learn. You are clearly getting involved with the wrong guys. You are putting yourself into situations that only leave you hurt. You can't expect to do all this hooking up and have it lead to a relationship. It needs to be the other way around. You need to meet a guy and form a relationship with him without the physicality first. Then you will know that he enjoys you, not just hooking up with you. Do you know what I mean? This is a perfect example of "Guys giving love for sex and girls giving sex for love". Well, I can assure you, there are guys out there who don't fit that saying. But before you meet them, you need to stop fitting that saying as well.

    • understandable thanks.

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  • I would delete the number. Then when he finally texts back you can say,"who is this?" ;)

    Meet someone else. Don't wait for him. If he wants you he's got to meet you half way.

    He's not making you a priority. There's got to be a reason why. No matter how busy he is, he could say "hi, how was your day?"

    • yeah like he text me lastnight and then that was it and on top of that it was late. I just don't understand why if I am asking you straight out do you not want to talk anymore, why you wouldn't be up front and give me a real answer. but I JUST DELETED HIS NUMBER :)

    • Thanks...

      Idk. Maybe he's one of those who does want to hurt feelings. But in turn hurts you more by stringing you along and wasting your time.

      Maybe next time ask what is keeping him so busy. The answer should be interesting. A good guy would have been up front about that too.

  • Its best that you have moved on.