Has dating been infected by buzz words?

I think discussions about dating have trivialized the meaning of certain words so much, people automatically assume the context of them because they are associated with cliche conversations.


Nice guy.

The intended meaning of a nice guy is a man who treats women with respect. The associated meaning of a nice guy is a guy who is a pushover, acts subservient to her and ends up in the friend zone.


The intended meaning is your charm, style, character, wit, intelligence, humor. The associated meaning is that it's a crutch for ugly guys.


The intended meaning is being secure with yourself, believing you are doing the right thing. The associated meaning is covering yourself with a veil of insecurities to please women (ironically, the opposite)

your thoughts?


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  • I mostly agree. Anytime a woman uses the words "nice guy," it's the kiss of death unless you want to be in her friend zone. If a woman says, "He has a great personality," she's trying to come up with something to make up for her total lack of attraction to you. However, I don't see anything wrong with the word "confidence." Women dig a confident guy; confidence is sexy.


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  • Pretty much


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  • That's like everything else in the world.

    It's like in business, white knight means saving an insolvent company through merger while in the real world, it literally means someone wearing an armor of a knight.