How to transition to a fun texting topic?

I'm talking to a guy and we're just texting about college and stuff. How can I get to a more fun topic without seeming rude?

I was thining I could message him at the end of one of my replies 'And I have an idea. lets play a game :)' and then ill tell him I wanna play the question game. is that a good idea? or too quirky and random haha?


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  • Bring up your awkward nipples? I don't know... LOL

    This question is like asking, "How could I not be bored, when I am boring?"

    All sarcasm aside... Here is what I will impart upon you, young one... If you want the conversation to get interesting, talk about something you are interested in... Bingo. Here is the deal, make sure it is not some girlie stuff, or he will get annoyed. Talk about the movies, what was the silliest thing you did as a kid... Anything! It is as if you are at work, and you like a guy, and ll you talk about is work... It is really sexy to talk about work...NOT. Just use your imagination. Talk about me, being a cynical, sarcastic, jackass... Just evade the whole school thing... Unless you just want to be the classmate he talks to about his new girlfriend... How fun would that be?


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  • Just transition the topic.

    Ask him something fun.

    Something he had enjoyed during the day.


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  • well be spontaneous! Just out of the blue say 'omg you'll never guess what happened to me?!'... or 'so do you watch TV often?'... 'do you follow that series?'... don't be afraid to talk, talking is what makes you interesting.