Living with my now ex boyfriend

My boyfriend and I just broke up and we live together luckily we have two bedrooms.

I miss him, he misses me. I told my family what he's been doing some really immature and spiteful things to me and they have all told me he's not worth it and I've given him so many chances before that I shouldn't give him more.

I went out tonight, which made me miss him even more. He sent me a text saying "goodnight be safe and have fun" so I said goodnight and he said "don't drink and drive".

Came home about 30 min later and he was still up then went to sleep right away.

Here's my problem, I want one just one night with him to cuddle and kiss. It's killing me that he's only a few steps away and I can't be in his arms.

Wtf do I do?


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  • You should just go and cradle him again in your arms.

    Tell him your locked up feelings.

    • I woke him up and told him I had a bad dream and couldn't sleep he basically said I can't help you we're roommates.

      He text msged mr thins morning. "I'm sorry about last night it's not like I didn't want to you looked beautiful but I don't want to make things harder"

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  • I see this is two months ago...but I was wondering what happened with yall. I live with my boyfriend now and and am torn between wanting to break up with him and loving him, very similarly to you. I'm just curious how things have turned out for you?

    • We got back together for about a month, then I found out he was telling his family that he was broke because of me and that he supports me which was not the case. Bills were split in half and I paid for all the groceries. So I kicked him out on a Sunday at midnight. I paid for the condo put the down payment and everything. Ungrateful bastard!

      ALWAYS trust your gut girl! Always!