I've done it again.....

I am going out with this boy named philip and I like him a lot...so then I met this other boy named malik and then we was talking so then he asked me if I could charge his phone because we had the same charger. he had lost his. so then I charged it for him then it was about like 11 o'clock so then he went in my back yard and I gave it to him. then he was like let me come in so then I thought oh we just friends we ain't gonna do nothing so then he come in and we just sitting there talking...he gives me a hickey so then I'm like it felt bomb but my boyfriend.we like had sex like it just happened and now he wants to be my boyfriend. oh I had to go to school that same day so I go to school and I tell my boyfriend he said he wasn't mad but then brianna tell me that he was mad at me and I ask him he was like no I'm not mad. so then when I'm alone with him talking I got cock blockers coming around the corner oh my gosh so I'm never alone with him then I got to walk around with a hickey on my neck then a boy that live down the street from me like me too it is just oh my gosh so I don't know what to do this is total bullsh*t I love my boyfriend to death but then I like malik so then I don't know who I can pick but then I can f*** malik but then I don't think I can do nothing with philip because everybody like him and is on his head this stuff always seems to happen when I with someone I really care about when I'm single it don't happen

so basically my question is who should I pick out of malik and phillip


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  • ask yourself which one is more long trm and which one is just a fling sweetheart never give up something longterm for something for just the moment you'll have a lifetime of regret follow your heart not your sexually cravings lol and the answer will come to you ma

    hope I helped a litte

    • Thanks but I picked phillip because I just think he is long term like you said so thanks for the help but even though I'm going out with phillip I'm about to fight a lot of girls because of drama but I guess its worth him because what I did to him

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  • I wish I could understand your question so I could answer it...

    • My question is who do yall think I should pick because its so hard for me...

    • Okay, in that case I think you should stick with what you got. You may be really into this guy now but if your boyfriend is willing to stay with you even though he knows you cheated on him, then he's a really good guy... don't give that up.