Do you feel the London dating scene is dead?

Non-Londoners can answer too. I’ve graduated from university and didn’t find a girl with a matching personality there. Now I work in an all-male environment. I’ve tried online dating, which has a lot of London users, but no success there. Nightclubs, though I enjoy them, always seem to contain more guys than girls. It feels like there are hardly any girls in existence, which rationally I know isn’t true!

So, where should I go to meet girls? I like the shy, sensitive type, and intelligence is important to me. I’m not into communists/feminists/Goths/emos/religious/hipsters, LOL.


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  • Pubs,parks, library, starbucks,street, train any place actually... Weather is getting better, go find a girl reading in a park, start with "oh, I was just thinking to buy the same book, is it any good?" or any other line that comes to your mind :)

    Or start with your neighborhood pub. Haven't been to London for a while though, but I believe a good English pub is always a great place to meet people. Good luck


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  • I'm not a Londoner but I know the pubs are still open.


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  • Find a police box, and tell people it's your ship.