Do you think he noticed I peed myself?

I'm 17

we were hanging out for the first time alone (he's been my friend for a year now) and well he was super nice and polite to me all day. I think he likes me.

Well I am so ashame because right before I got to my vehicle (I had been hiking) I peed myself horribly. I was wearing dark jeans and I didn't see it spot through that much but I was soaked, they just looked a little tighter though.

I don't think I smelled too bad though, I only smelt it in the vehicle.

He didn't seem to notice, we were already quiet and going back, and he asked to stop for a break. I declined and said I'm sorry (my mom called telling me to get home) and so we kept going. However he still jumped in and hugged me tight. And said we'd hang out again.

However he hasn't texted me since, Sunday and now Monday. I texted him hi a few minutes ago though Because I kinda am bored. He's at school now but Sunday he didn't text first like usual.

Do you think he noticed and is disgusted by me? I really didn't think he noticed but what do I do? I love him to death and its so not fair.

Or is he just busy? I can understand school but not Sunday?

Well he replied "schoot" after I said what's up? He sounds like he's being short with me I don't know though I am very introverted and never was persued by a guy like this before. I'm trying to wait it out but I am so bored and lonely in homeschool.


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  • He could just be busy. Or he may be thinking about your time together that day you hung out. If he said he wants to hang out again he's interested in seeing you again. I'm guilty of this too, but you may just be reading too far into his lack of texts. Guys can and will do things that will unintentionally send mixed signals that girls perceive the wrong way. Give him time, if he likes you, he'll text back eventually. Don't take it personally though. He probably doesn't know you're taking his lack of communication so hard. Let him know you're thinking about him, and wait for him to make the next step. Good luck :)


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  • I'd have like to know a girl like you... !! there is nothing to be ashamed, maybe he likes this stuff... as I do!

  •'s quite funny and cute.Dont worry.


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  • I don't understand why you peed yourself? Do you have some kind of illness or disability?

    • Couldn't squat there was nowhere to go and I held it in

    • You couldn't go while you were hiking? Hmm well he may have noticed if you were in his car. The smell and the wetness on the seat would have been a dead giveaway. I would be disgusted tbh. Hope it works out.