Why don't I ever message anyone in online dating?

So I haven't messaged anyone in my online dating profile for months and I can't figure out why.

I made a new profile months ago and just left it there and I would get a message here and there and maybe reply but I have been refusing to send out first messages to any girl or even browse profiles.

Most of the girls' profiles in my area that have messaged me are not dating material at all. I was thinking about actually browsing but then just stated in my profile that I don't send out messages and only reply if we'd be a match. Why don't I have the desire to message anyone like I used to?


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  • Maybe you're tired of the lack of success and just don't find internet dating worth the time anymore. The internet is filled with the strangest and most offensive people from society.

    Meeting people in public and outside of your house increases the chances of them being socially intelligent.

    I know I'm completely done with internet dating. The guys on most sites are just vile. I have no clue where they learned to talk to people let alone women.

    I can't imagine the crop of women on there would be any better than the men.

    • I would say the girls are definitely not better than the guys. I have gone on many horrible "dates" off of the internet and they are sickening. Girls using misleading photos to hide their weight, outright liars, players, narcissistic attention whores, psychotically clingy "must have a relationship" girls, girls with no car expecting me to drive them everywhere... the list goes on.

      The most I see with guys online are guys looking for sex. I have also heard of some violent psychos as well.

    • The guys More like psychos who only want sex lol. As said, internet dating seems to be for damaged people, with problems, who have no social skills.

      If you're normal, don't have any disorders, and have some type of social skills, its best you stay away from internet dating. Unless you want to loose faith in all of humanity lol

      For me, meeting men in person is 100Xs better than meeting guys online. Its harder hide the crazy face to face.

      Good luck to you! I hope things get better.

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  • It may be that you are just comfortable being by yourself.

    • Could be, I have been doing pretty good focusing on myself other than people I'll most likely never meet.

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  • You are scared of rejection, and disappointed with your progress on the sites so far.

    • I've gone on plenty of dates from the internet. They just end up being psycho, narcissistic, fat, or all of the above and more. There are many girls that would easily throw themselves at me, they're just psychos I don't want though. I'd rather deal with rejection in person than message girls on the internet because at least I know I was going after someone who may have been worth it.

    • The go for it. Get off the dating sites and meet girls in the real world

  • That's me too. I prefer to meet girls traditionally, not online. But I have a profile up just in case. I send maybe one email every few months.

  • That's because you're too cool to send one, and you expect to receive messages instead.

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