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Small introduction, last relationship I had was three years ago. Finished school, got a job, and now I feel like I don't understand women at all, now that I am trying to find a relationship. Trying online dating, only semi-worked, having a squeeze doesn't count (and its not really what I want). I am keeping my eyes open daily too, but I won't date anyone at work (a girl there wants me bad, but we have nothing in common) and I already have that rule.

So, talking online. I ask a girl questions, she ignores the questions and only makes exclamation comments about what else I talked about in the comment. Do girls hate hypothetical questions or something? I've wanted to know what that was about for so long. Someone help me out!


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  • I do that sometimes to avoid answering personal questions that I don't feel like answering.

    • yup, again I thought of this. that's why I'll message her at a later date on the off chance it was this. honestly I've seen this enough to know this isn't the case.

      also they weren't personal questions, so its likely as another person answered back, just a polite 'f*** off'. staying classy...

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  • If she just gives one word answers repeatedly without answering your questions in detail or asking her own, it means she isn't really interested and is replying just to be polite (even if it's with exclamation points). If this is a pattern of her just giving one word answers, move on to another girl.

    If a conversation isn't going well and there's no interest, don't try to artificially prop it up. Just count your losses and move on.

    • Thank, that's what I was thinking. Screwed up part is she messaged me. Maybe I'll reply in a week or something.

    • keep in mind online that there's tons of dudes who contact her. there's a good chance she may have found someone online who has more in common with her or who interests her more. in real life however, not many guys have the balls to talk to a woman. so if you meet women in real life, you have much less competition

    • Oh I know that too well. But she made it seem she wasn't talking to someone at least, but I'm not naive. I've stopped the online crap for a while, and currently making an attempt to be introduce to a nice canadian Indian girl through a co worker. She in another department so I'm willing to risk it. She apparently travelled a lot so we have that in common already. I don't want to directly ask her to lunch because I don't want to chance making her uncomfortable (it is a workplace).

  • She's just not that into you.

    Find another girl.