Really confusing girl texting question! Any help please?

So attached here is a link to a google docs question (at the bottom). I put it there so #1 there'd be enough space, and #2 because then I can control when it is public and private :)

I will warn you, it is relatively long... but I hope it's a relatively interesting question. It's only long because it is our texting conversation.

Thank you in advance :)



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  • honestly I'd say she's just confused on what she wants to do! it's not an easy place to be. she may not have replied due to being busy and forgetting about your text!


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  • Honestly I think she's trying to get you to react, which you accordingly did.

    Saying she was confused, saying this guy is 'her best friend' all of it was to evoke your instincts of protecting her and helping her to reason through this situation.

    But whether the point of getting you to react is to either make you jealous, or she just needed a self esteem boost at that moment - I cannot know.


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  • She's just confused though it's more likely that she's into you.

    Though keep your distance she already like someone as well.

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