First date at the movies too cliche?

What do women here think?


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  • I LOVE going to the movies. With my FRIENDS. On dates, you want to talk and laugh! You don't want to watch a movie and be bored out of your mind. Think about it, by the end of the movie you might know that she loves comedy, or she doesn't laugh a lot or that she gets scared easily. But you won't know how many brothers or sisters she has, you won't know anything about her! && Vise versa! The girl below mentioned something fun and exciting and I completely agree! If you take her rock climbing, or to a science museum, or something fun, exciting and generally quiet. ( not like a library but if you go to a football game you won't be able to 1. Pay attention to her && 2. Hear her talk! )

    Good Luck.

    And I'm not at all saying that movie dates are boring. But they should be once you guys get comfortable.

    • I agree its something for when you get more comfortable. I was just asking in general for guys asking out a random girl they don't know well on a first date. The girl I was going to ask to the movies I know better. Somewhere you can talk is always better

    • Exactly. If you cannot talk; then you aren't exactly on a date.

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  • I agree! Dates should be about getting to know each other, and after you known them well enough, you do the movie thing. Lets face it, women love to talk! But most importantly on dates, women want you to know them. To show interest, to get attention to a certain level that you are interested in them. As a women, I know I love it when I have my mans attention, makes me want to spice up our relationship as we get closer, and by getting closer, its talking, the communication, bonding over whatever, cannot do that on a first date at the movies. Lol

  • Movies sounds cute but you should take her out for dinner after so you get to know her.

  • It depends on the girl, actually. If the girl is sort of, (no offense to any girl) old fashioned then yes. But if the girl is more outgoing then treat her to something more fun and exciting, something that she'll like.


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