Should I date him (first bf)


Basically, to make this short : I'm 20 yo, never had a boyfriend.

I had two dates with a guy last week and he want to schedule a third.

I don't know if I really want to date him. I want a boyfriend, kisses, cuddles ; but even if he's kind and funny, I'm not especially attracted to him. Also I'm very nervous around him (or guys in general) but he seems to like me. (But that makes me so nervous about our dates and when I'm with him, it's almost an ordeal for me)

Should I date him even if I'm not head over heels for him ?

I feel like I MUST date him to know what's it's like to have a boyfriend, my first kiss etc. And that I should stop waiting. But in the other hand I don't want to date someone only because I'm getting older and to have experience.

What should I do ?


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  • If you like him, you could give him a chance. Maybe feelings will come after some more dates. If not, let him know that you don't feel the same way as he does and you'd like to be friends (even though some people hate it when you say you still wanna be friends).

    • I don't know if I like him ? He's kind and we laughed together, but the major feeling I have when I'm with him or any dates is anxiosity so I can't relax.

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    • I didn't enjoy the dates this much, it was OK. The first one we just talked and I'm not a really talkative person so I had to make great efforts. The second one was cool but I would have as much fun being at home and reading a good book or something :/

    • Then tell him how it is. That you're not really up for a third date (you can add "for now" if you wanna soften the message).

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  • i think you like him a little. and if you keep dating him you might grow on him even more and really like him after a while. or not, but then you will at least have that experience you want. its not wrong to date or kiss someone your not sure about. its hard to get it perfect all the time but I say if you want to go for it. its not wrong


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  • well,someone says "fall in love when you are ready not when you are lonely."

    But you know what, just list what could gone wrong if you date him. If the negative things about dating him isn't much, what's wrong with trying to date him? The love will eventually grow when you spend more time together with him

    • Well, there aren't a lot of negative things that's right !

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