A guy you casually dating buys you gifts?

We've been casually together for 3 months, we're exclusvie not seeing anyone else, but just no title. He's been telling me that he likes me a lot, and once actually told me loves me, but he mentioned he's afraid to get closer. I tried to cut the relationship for several times, because I thought he doesn't like me enough to make me his girlfriend.. we act like a couple, but I heard many people saying you are nothing until you put titles..haha

anyways, he bought me little stuffed animal last time randomly,

and like a week or two ago, he found my sunglasses were broken sitting inside my car and today he got me surprise designer sunglasses gift costs quiet money..

We've been fighting every day about nothing..lol I got paranoid thinking he was on a date with someone (longstory, turned out he's not) He was being mean to me every time we fight.. so I don't know if he just tries to keep me? Is this him trying to keep getting free milks?

It's not that we are only having sex. we go out to dinners,movies, doing stuffs together too.. but still I'm very insecure person and maybe that's why, I'm little confused..

what do you guys think? I really don't pay attention too much about the fact it's designer sunglasses, but the fact he put that much amount of money for me, and thinking of buying sunglasses (bc he saw my broken one) I think this was a sweet considerate gift but I'm still lost haha

because I saw a post from another girl in similar situation and answers were all he's just trying to get into her pants.

what is the deal here?


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  • Just ask him out yourself. It is not desperate to ask a guy out. This will answer everything for you. If he just wants sex, he'll turn down the relationship.

    Also(and this is VERY important!) most guys back away because they think the girl is not interested! If you are not direct enough all your avoidance on things comes off to him as you don't want anything to go further which will cause him to pull back his feelings as well.

  • My guess is that, much as he like the sex, he's just not mature enough to commit to an actual relationship.

    Buying a woman gifts is an easy way to avoid having to put the time and effort to make a relationship work.


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