How do I get this guy I'm dating to talk to me more?

I'm 21, he's 22. We met online and to me, he's perfect. We've been talking for a little over a month. We live about 6 hours apart and we've only really had 6 days where we were actually together in person. He and I have talked, texted or Skyped everyday since we started talking. The last time we were together we talked about what we were. We decided that we would continue talking and "dating" and see if we could work with the distance. After he left the next day, we continued talking pretty much constantly but a week later everything pretty much stopped. Not completely but I probably get 1-6 texts a day which is weird considering how often we texted before. Most people would say he's disinterested but I am confident that we still feel the same way about each other. I'm going to visit in a week for 3 days and I'm so excited to see him but I can never get this boy to talk to me. I feel like since we don't get the luxury of seeing each other on a daily basis like most couples, we need to communicate more often and I feel like he just doesn't see that. And I understand that he has a busy life and I'm not asking for texts 24/7 I just have a lot of interest in his life and want to know more about him but I feel like I'm being annoying. I don't know how to approach this without sounding naggy. HELPPPPPP!


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  • Talk to him about your trip and make plans for things to do while you're there. That could get him talking again.