HAD 3 DATES, HE wanted a serious relationship because we got on great, then he vanished

This fabulous guy came into my life we got on great a def soul mate he felt it too,.On the 3rd date we slept together but then things went quiet.. hardly any text. I sent him a text a week later saying are you OK I said have you just come out of a relationship or something ? he said "yes I just feel its too soon" so I gave him no grief I just said "No problem hun we have all been there I understand." and the day after he sent me a text saying "Good morning babe, " and we picked up again... for a bout a week he came round said he was in need of a hug, he took me for afternoon lunch a great afternoon and no sex! " 2 days later he took me out and we had a great day, this time AFTER Sex NOT before HE asked could we be an item? I said "well yes if that's what you want" and he vanished again for a whole week so then I emailed him and said, "Hi Mr elusive ,with a smiley kept it light so has not to let him feel hounded, I said "Im not surprised you vanished asking me for a relationship that quick you surprised me, I was quite happy to keep it light and dating for now seeing has you have recently had a break up...I don't mind the dating thing and if anything else follows then its a bonus ..Anyway just incase we run into one another again no hard feelings take care ! He did write back the same day saying exactly this "Hi Lynn I really do have good intentions its like my heads all messed up and I just can't seem to move on ..you take care to! xx That was 2 days ago what does anyone think will I see him again with what we just wrote to each other how does it appear to you? I really liked him incidently we are both in our 40's


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  • I hate to say it but maybe he just needed you as a rebound to get over his previous relationship. this would also explain his behavior of trying to rush into becoming an item, to try and take his mind off his ex.

    I would give it a few days before messaging him again, if you find you are always the one initiating contact then he might have lost interest/still needs more time to get over things.

    • Ok Thanks but truly I let him text me everyday first which he did, I only contacted him when he left it for days and thank you so much for your interest..x

    • welcome :) I know its probably not what you wanted to here. guys need a lot of time to get over a relationship if they were really in love with the girl they were with

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  • Sounds like your rebound booty... Sorry. He probably back with his ex. Can't help but feel like your being used.

    • Thanks Jack for your opinion as well , but I hope your wrong lol I'll just hang fire and see how it goes I WONT text him (night all)

    • No problem, I'm sure you wanted to hear otherwise, but by the sounds of thing oh well. I'm sure your experienced enough to tell. Just don't put all your eggs in one basket. Sorry to be so cliche

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  • he's just not that into you. Don't read into it- just move on and meet someone else. If a guy did that to me in the very early stages of the relationship (even if we had 3 great dates) I would assume he was playing me and I would be right. Don't act so desperate and I'm sure you're a great catch so don't let this guy drag you around. If a guy wants to be with you he will be with you (head problems or not). my ex did that crap to me in the beginning and I should have taken it as a sign to run as fast as possible. Use your gun instincts- run and delete his number

    • Yes I know in my mind to run Ill definitely not text if he does then it may be a bonus xx