Confront boyfriend for messages I found?

I found some Facebook messages of my boyfriend talking very inappropriately to other girls while we were dating. The problem is, they were from a few years back, but we have encountered the same problem recently (6 months ago). I know I shouldn't have looked, but once you've been betrayed you always feel the need. The problem is, do I can't believe the things he said and who he said them to. Granite, they were a few years ago but we were still dating at the time. Suggestions?


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  • Confront him, but don't pick a fight.

    Justification will not save your relationship, the only thing that it does is the removal of guilt. Hence the saying "somethings are better left unsaid".

    Like I said, don't pick a fight. I mean ask yourself, are these small thins really big things? and are they REALLY worth it to break the relationship, compared to how much time and effort both of you have spent?


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  • Yes honesty is the best policy, if he has nothing to hide than he would not care about you asking him.

    Other wise this will eat you up inside and kill your relationship anyway thinking he is cheating or something.

    Just ask him sweetie. No harm done that way xx