I have four days to get a prom date..and my dream date is in another country.

I need to provide my school with the name of my prom date by this Friday. As a single senior with no appetite for the boys from my own school, I am now burdened with the task of asking a date to prom. I have always had a crush on my not-so-platonic best friend, even when we were toddlers (I always wanted to be Maid Marion or Wendy whenever he'd played Peter Pan or Robin Hood). If I could pick anybody to go to prom with, It would be him. He fits all of my requirements, (Single, not-related, taller than me in heels, weighs more than me, attractive, real date, someone I want to kiss, muscular, older than me, won't be awkward around my friends, has met my other friends), and I actually care about him, so he's kind of my dream date. He's also a family friend, so I know his mom loves me like a daughter. However, he graduated from his private school last year, and is currently volunteering at hospitals and schools in Romania. I know he will be home in a few weeks, but has had sporadic internet connection, and I need to ask him online, via Facebook, if I want him to go with me. I have a back-up date, but I really want to go with my longtime friend. How would you recommend I broach the topic? I've had virtually no experience asking guys for anything, and the only time I've ever made a move, by sharing my feelings, the boy I'd liked told me he didn't feel the same way. Will my friend even want to go to prom with me? He's off, living a life of excitement, while I've been stuck in high school, in a world the size of a fishbowl. I'm terrified of asking him because I don't know for certain how he'll respond. What if he sees my request as petty and juvenile?

**note: we don't have a platonic friendship


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  • Will he be back in the country by prom? If so, go ahead and ask him. I'm sure he'll say yes. But do it SOON, so you can ask your back-up date if needed (which you probably won't need to). It's totally normal to bring even platonic friends to school dances.