My boyfriend looks like the Boston bomber. Has anyone ever dated someone who looks like an infamous person?

My boyfriend looks like the Boston Bomber that is in custody, in the mug shot. I laughed so hard since my parents thought the same exact thing. It reminded me of an episode of Seinfeld when Elaine dated a guy who shared the name of an infamous serial killer.

Has this ever happened to you, or you mistake someone else for a notorious person? I am just curious to see if anyone has even had any experiences or thoughts.


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  • Ummm...your profile says your single.

    Also the boston bomber looks pretty ugly.

    • I'm like a guy when it comes to updating stuff. I didn't know people even looked at my profile to be honest anyway,

      And I guess, its all preference. I'm not into looks as I used to be with relationships. I focus on thier character.

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