I want to get more physical with him?

I've technically been dating my boyfriend for three months, but he lives really really far away so we don't see each other that much. But we've liked each other for about a year.

We've done lots of kissing/making out, but I want to go further (not all the way JUST yet)

How do I do this? He's a pretty shy guy, he'd never even kissed anyone before we got together and he's really respectful and stuff. Do I just like, touch him? Or move his hands to where he can touch me? Or do I ask him?


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  • I would gradually add more touching to go along with the kissing. Usually you can tell when someone's uncomfortable, so as long as you don't try to do too much too soon you should be okay.


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  • Yes, don't be shy, initiate and touch him around the crotch area. He'll catch on. :)


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