I don't know who to believe, I'm hearing two different stories :(


(D.H) - The girl I'm upset with

(B) - The guy I like

(C.I) - Me

(Char) - My friend and also (D.H's) friend

Ok so there is this guy I like (B) and me and him talk on Facebook and text quite often I think but I'm not sure that he likes me but I hope he does cause a lot of times he sends me smiley faces before I do and I read that, that's one sign that a guy could like you, anyway... so me friend (D.H) came up to me and said, QUOTE: "Hey I wanna talk to you about your obsession about (B)" and I said I'm not obsessed and (D.H) said "yeah you are, anyway he said to tone down on the messaging and texting cause your freaking him out, he told me cause I sit next to him in science" and so I said OK, [awkwardly] and walked away, I was so aggravated and upset and It bothered me the whole day and I just had to know the truth so I text (B) and told him: "Someone told me that I'm freaking you out? Is that true?" and he responded: "Noo your not lol don't worry about it" then I said: "Ok thank you so much it was bothering me all way I just had to know the truth :)" [I think I shoulda left out the smiley :/ ] I also asked my friend (Char) if (D.H) was two faced cause I don't know her as well as (Char) does and (D.H) messages me on Facebook saying that she's not two faced. so I can't be too sure and so today (April 24, 2013) I saw (D.H): and she said "are you mad at me?" and I said: "No I was just upset about yesterday cause I'm not obsessed like I don't get obsessed over guys cause it's creepy too" and she said: "Ok cause I didn't mean to sound like a bitch if I did and it's just what (B) told me cause you know, I sit beside the kid everyday in science and he shows me the messages and I don't know I guess the way that he explained it to me sorta sounded like you were but idk" and I said: "Oh OK, and I didn't call you two faced I asked (Char) if you were ya so I did not call you that I just asked If you were" and she says: "Ok and ya (Char) was just saying that I heard that you and (C.I / Me) have beef" and I said: "No I was just upset" and so then I go to class and I'm just wondering why would he show her the messages? and I have no idea which person to believe cause I've heard many bad things about (D.H) and I don't hear anything bad about (B), what should I do cause this is making me really depressed and I really like this guy and me and him get on really well?


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  • was reading this and was like this must be some high school drama s@#$A... lol I scrolled up to your age category and indeed it is.

    let me just tell you some words of wisdom:

    believe nothing you hear, half of what you see...

    you shouldn't believe anyone of them...wanna know why? high school girls sneaky as hell lol.

    your frend dh? well she probably talking sh#@ about you to the guy you like. why she up in yo bizness in the first place...she probably likes the guy too

    your frend char? well you asked her bout dh and she told dh what you asked...shudnt have to say much more... we probably know who she's better frends with don't we?

    the guy you like? well he's showing other people what you're texting him...what does that tell you? immature high school dude telling everyone: look at dis chick blowing up my phone..she wants da bizness

    you? well it looks like it's you against the world...ehh I feel like you need to watch the movie mean girls or something lol it'd probably help you understand high school dynamics and the complicated minds of adolescent teens

    haha this is what I think of the situation. ofc it could be nothing like this at all...but then again it could be exactly like this

    • thanks yea I told my friend about this and she's really really smart and she thinks that D.H. likes him as well, and yes I've seen meangirl about 20 or more times, but I guess it would hurt to watch it again? thank you for your answer, I'm very appreciated! :)

    • wouldn't*

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  • This has happened to me before. My situation seems a little different in one minor way. My friend is a slutty girl. She makes things up like "Yeah he thinks its weird you text him all the time because well...idk. He just thinks its weird." because she can't stand the thought of someone else getting a guy that she's had already. I don't know if (D.H) is like that, but it kinda seems like she made it up like my friend does. If you asked him yourself and got his word for it, then there's no reason to worry. There seems to be no obvious reason he would be lying. Unless maybe he was just in a bad mood, because lets face it we all say things that are about someone else when we're in a bad mood. otherwise you shouldn't worry. Hope I helped

    • thank you that leaves so much less stress on my back :) and my friend Char did say something about D.H being all over Char's ex boyfriend before and I was there too so I'm a witness of that, and I'm pretty sure D.H is a shlut lol cause I over heard her say the many of "Kills" she has had with various guys, again thank you for your answer, I'm very appreciated! :)

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