Does he like me, how can I be less awkward, and PROM! :)

I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this and gives me honest, genuine advice!

I’m someone who hasn’t ever dated, despite being a senior. I’m bubbly and outgoing, and well liked, but when it comes to a guy I like, I totally clam up!

Prom is right around the corner and I have recently started having feelings for this boy. I’m the innocent, goody two shoes, and he is the over-night-hottie-partier-boisterous-sweetheart. Yea, one of those. We have been talking on Facebook, and I am thinking the feelings are mutual, but in person I have the hardest time speaking with him! I turn red, and get tongue tied. Or I’ll go in and avoid eye contact until the end of the class. I don’t know why I am so strange. He tries to get me to talk to him too, and has been staring at me, which, yay!

The other day I heard him speaking with one of our mutual friends, Brock. Brock was discussing prom dates, and the only words I could pick out were no date, and Facebook.

So I’ve got 2 questions. Any tips for me, on my whole clamming up issue, and how can I relay to him without being painfully obvious that I do want to go to Prom with him!

Thanks bunches ?


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  •'s this guy's assessment:

    You want to go to the Prom with him? Ask him!

    The ten top fears any guy has is rejection. It's MUCH worse for guys than girls.

    If he shows signs of liking you, he may still fear rejection from you.

    If (when?) you ask him, you've sent two messages:

    1. I like you.

    2. You won't be rejected.

    Yes, you'll have to get the courage to do this, but you'll learn much from the experience.

    If you sit around wishing for him to ask you, you'll be sitting around for a long time.

    Yes, if you ask him, you may get a "No," but that's a part of life.

    Here's another scenario: he may wish to go with you, but will ask someone "safer" so he won't get the awful, "No."

    Thank you for correct spelling and grammar! It's appreciated.

    You can also think, "This guy's really out-to-lunch." :-)


    • Thank you! This is definitely food for thought! I'd never looked at the situation as him being insecure about how I might react!

      And no problem with the grammar :)

    • Lily,

      Can't you spell? Everybody knows it's 'grammer.'

      Your a good candidate for speling lessons, witch makes sence.

      Their good for anybody.



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  • more hint: if you can't look him in the eyes, look at the bridge of his nose.

    About the previous answer: it's being responsible.

  • I had the same problem asking a girl to my prom. The only way I got over it was by going directly asking her. The worst he can do is say no.


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