How long do "date" before you consider it a relationship?

I met this guy on on January 15th. We've texted every day since, and have Skyped almost every night since January 21st. We've been on 3 dates, and we'll be going on our 4th tomorrow. He's told me he loves me, and he gave me a wooden cross necklace a present the last time I saw him, which was really considerate and amazing of him to give me such a gift because I know he isn't religious. Could we consider ourselves "in a relationship" without getting ridiculed for meeting online? We know we love each other, and this relationship is really important to the both of us, but we don't want to tell anyone about it because we don't want to be judged for meeting online. Is 4 dates enough to be considered a real "relationship" ?


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  • I would have a talk with him about what he thinks. If you two want to be in a relationship, be in a relationship.

    Who cares if you met online? Some people will judge, but honestly we all don't get to meet amazing people in person. Some of us have to find other ways to get out of the same circles and meet new people.

    I've met people online as well. Some of my best relationships started from online. The only people who have a problem with it are people who have a biased opinion about online dating. Maybe they had a bad experience, or it didn't work for them. Either way, if you are happy, that is all that matters.

    I found over the past few years there has been a growing acceptance and understanding towards online relationships. Most people are okay with it. Some people might even be doing the same thing!

    Any online relationship can develop into a real relationship. It just takes work, like any relationship.


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  • 13 months.

    6.5 if you're in a hurry.

    2 weeks if you're 17 or under.

    • You're being sarcastic and I really don't appreciate it...

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    • Jeez that seems a bit extreme. I wouldn't wait around over a year for someone to want a relationship with me.

    • "want"? No, relationships develop, they are not declared. That's the problem with young people, thus why I listed the times and thus why they vary so sharply, young people want it now so they "declare" they have a relationship when in actuality if you have one it will grow and become a valuable asset in the course of a year.

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  • There's no specific time limit and each couple is different. You enter a relationship when you both reach that agreement, so just talk to him about it.