Any blind date advice guys?

first of all, this guy is friends with my cousin and her husband. he grew up with her husband and went to school with her. his family knows my family. for as long as I can remember they would always tell me I would love this guy. but us meeting never worked out, I was in a relationship or he was, or the plans fell through. this has been over a few years now. so recently I got out of a long relationship and so did he. and my cousin has invited me to come hang out with their friends for her birthday and he is going to be there. at first I was like cool yeah I'm down for putting myself out there again. now its getting closer, and my cousin told me her husband told him I'm going to be there. so I'm getting nervous for no reason. we are all meeting at a local billiard/bar/lounge. its not a one on one thing thank goodness. id rather just meet and be fun and friendly no pressure just have some fun. so what should I do? make sure to get him alone, or is that a bad idea? should I let him come to me? should I approach him? I have never been set up, but I know he knows they are trying to get us together so I don't want to ignore it. I honestly think I'm going to like him so I want to make sure I make the right impression. thanks in advance for any input :)


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  • Have no expectations.

    Give it a try. Have fun and set it up so that whatever you do is fun, so if the person sucks, you can still have a good time.

    Consider it a "Could be" date. It's not a date if you find out you don't like the person or if they're an @$$, but if you genuinely have fun then it's up to you if you take it as a date or not.

    Blind dates are more like preseason games, or pre-dates. You go on one to see if you would want to have an actual date with that person.

    Be friendly, relaxed and open minded. Just be yourself and let things happen naturally.

    Don't be afraid to approach, don't be put off if someone approaches you.

    If it's someone you've misses chances with or have thought about wanting to go out with or give a try, drop a few hints so they can pick up on them. Make and hold eye contact, make gentle random touches, smile, talk to the person. Say something ambivalent, like hey maybe it'd be fun to go out to karaoke sometime, or hint at other activities you might want that person to take you out to or go out to with you/invite you to.


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  • Just try to act normal and not shy. Your cousin should introduce him to you or you to him to start things off.Then hopefully you and him can talk.Just ask a lot of questions and get to know him more. I hope things work out. Blind daes can go either way whether their is chemistry or their is not. You will know right away if you like him or not. Follow your gut and intstincts.

  • My only advice would be "Do not date family friends".

    Odds are that a relationship isn't going to work out so it can only cause drama down the line.

    • My advice would be "don't limit yourself"

      Great love can come from anywhere and rules like the above just prevent you from taking a chance on something that could be the greatest in the world. It's really not that awkward or hard to adjust if it doesn't work out.

    • well I've thought about this before when my cousin mentioned setting us up. he is friends with her husbands family. they all hang out together, I never really hang out with their group of friends so lets say we hit it off and date, I'm sure we'd all hang out. and if it doesn't work out I wouldn't anymore.

  • Yes, there is advice.

    Don't blind date.

    • This advice is terrible. There are millions of wonderful people you might never normally meet or think to date that are incredible for you and could be incredible for you. I'd say take every chance you can to go on a date with someone. even strangers unless you sense danger or it's sketchy.

      Dates mean nearly nothing, they harm no one, and at worst they help you learn about what you want in a mate. Date people you may not think to give a chance. Take chances! You don't win if you don't play.

    • No he's right, do not blind date. At least get to see a picture of them first because despite what everyone loves to say, personality is usually second and looks come first :P

    • i've actually met him periodically over the years. nothing more than hey. my cousin showed me some of his recent pics. I'm not sure but her husband probably did the same with showing the guy my pics. its just theyve always said we would get along, you would like him he's the kind of guy you need.

  • Just be yourself, and be nice of course and well mannered lol! how long was your previous relationship?

    • a year and a half about. we broke up 4 months ago so I think I'm ready. I am still hurt and scared of getting back into dating but I think its time to get back out there and just meet people.

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