Guys, when you like a girl, how much do you text her? How much do you text girls who are just friends?

Do you text girls the same amount regardless of whether they are just friends or you like them as more than a friend? Do you take the initiative to text, or want to be texted first? What does it mean when you hang out with a girl a lot, but never text her? Do you not like to text at all? What's the deal? Bestow upon us girls the truth behind your texting habits so that we can stop obsessing when you don't text us!

Or when we spend far too long analysing your texting habits in general...


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  • Same amount - hardly ever (because texting is a pain in the hole)


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  • It totally depends on the girl. When I like her, I'll text everyday or every other day if she is pretty engaging with the conversation. If she isn't that talkative, I'll narrow it down to just a couple times a week to avoid being annoying.


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  • sorry girl, I'm going to comment on this because it is my way of tagging it and I want to know the answer to :)

    • No worries! I knew I couldn't be the only girl out there utterly confused by the texting habits of men! :P

    • oh you no you aren't lol

    • i don't know what these guys are talking about above, but I use to think me and a guy were good friends and we texted 24/7 from the time we woke up, through work and until we both fell asleep, um but apparently I found out shortly after we stopped working together he liked me... ugh I hate myself for not taking the hint. These guys are saying they wouldn't text the girl that often though

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