I let him go because he wasn't mine to begin with, was I right?

I met this guy years ago at an audition, then now recently I met him again at a club where he was performing. He is an artist and so am I, we both love music and are both currently working on our debut albums, any way, so we met at this club again and exchanged details, he said we would pick me up and take me out, I was wrong, because I knew he had a girlfriend and was living with her , her family and their 5year old daughter. I still went ahead, because I was really drawn to him.

So we went on our first date, that same week after we met at the club, no funny business just a nice long drive, it was like we knew each other, and were chatting like old friends, he took out he's guitar and sang to me, while we looked at the beautiful view from where we were. The second date happened, but it happened 3 week after the first, as he is extremely busy, performing live, recording and a he has to spend time with his daughter, so there wasn't really time for me.. After the 2nd date, he just had no time to see me or text me, unless I texted first, now and then he would send a hello, I miss you or I'm thinking of you message, but other than that always busy. He went away to another city for an entire week, he then called me from there, and that made me feel so special. He then came back to our City and then I asked if I could call him, he then said I couldn't call him at that time, as she was around, and would hear our conversation, so he let me know when I could call him, I hated it so much, I didn't like being the other woman, second best, even though she isn't very attractive and is over weight and he said they don't have a sexual relationship and he sleeps in a separate bed, I wouldn't know as I am not there with him all the time. He also said she is very jealous, and he told her many times that things are not working , but she doesn't want to let go, I don't know how true that is either. In any case, so after date no:2 we would just be in touch via texting, we couldn't see each other, so I did call him and we spoke, but that didn't make me feel better, he said a decision to just leave isn't one, that one takes over night and he said its like when he says he's busy I don't believe him, it really wasn't that, I just needed to know he's still there and that he cares, not days and weeks without contact. He stays quite far from me and I don't have a car. She would follow him to almost every one of his gigs, where as I wouldn't do that, I could get my friends to take me there, but I don't believe in running after a man. So we saw each other on and off for 3 months and 2 weeks ago, I let him go, via a bbm (gosh!) I know its bad, but he never made any effort to stay in touch or to come see me. He was very upset, he wanted to know my reasons, so I told him, I don't like to be kept a secret and I don't like to share. He just said understood and that he will miss me. Did I do the right thing?


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  • Yes you did. Plenty of other SINGLE men out there...


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