When she finally contacts me, should I respond?

My ultimate goal is to get her back. We dated for 3 1/2 years. She's 18, I'm 20. We broke up a month ago. We hung out Sunday. Had a great time. She asked me not to date anyone else, and she promised to do the same. ( I know she is telling the truth) I assume she will contact me soon. I stopped contact with her after our date. When she does text me, should I respond, and when she does ask,to hangout, should I,agree to it,or no? I don't know how strong I am to say no, or not respond, but if it gives me a better shot at getting her back, I'll do it!


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  • Allowing for the possibility that there is more to this story than you've told - she's mostly just acting her age, and so are you.

    When a girl you dated for three+ years turns up after a month from when she broke it off with you, asking you not to date anyone else - she's telling you she's keeping her options open. You are Plan B. You know, in case whatever she's doing, or thinking about doing, doesn't work out.

    You can believe me or not, you can put up with her or not, it's all good - but you can also consider cutting your losses and moving on.


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  • Well if you care for the girl and you really want her back than yea you are going to have to talk to her.

    However if I were you I would kick her out of your life, sounds too dramatic for me and I can't stand drama. But by her telling you not to date anyone else she is still interested in you.


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  • I can smell your desperation from here.

    If she gets even a hint of how desperate you are, it will turn her right off.

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