Guys: what's your opinion on dating Asian girls?

I'm Asian girl and my boyfriend is italian American. He's good looking successful guy, and we've been having a great relationship so far..

what my concern is, I always hear those stereotypes saying 'most of the times white guys who go for Asians are nerds' 'white guys only consider asain girls for fun casual daters nothing really serious'

so I always feel insecure about seeing my guy.

I've dated few Caucasians before, but never got into a relationship with any of them. this guy I'm seeing now is the first one..

he's not a nerd type of guy, nor has yellow fever or something. he's attractive and very intense in taking care of himself, and because of my insecurity I'm afraid he's just taking me only in a casual way. also I'm not a native speaker, that's another big concern ;(

He's very sweet to me, we have no problem in our relationship except I'm worrying too much haha

have you or your friends dated Asian girls?

I know everyone's different and has different tastes and opinions, but I just want to know how generally guys think.


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  • Well, that's a lot of stuff bouncing around in your head, there. Let's tackle these one by one.

    "Most of the times white guys who go for Asians are nerds"

    Kind of true. White guys who are ~obsessed~ with Asians are usually nerds. Anime-watching, video-game-playing weaboos who think that Japanese is just super-duper cool. They become obsessed with Japanese girls, but any Asian girl will do.

    But there ARE plenty of white guys out there who are NOT obsessed with asians, but still not opposed to the idea of dating one, and may even find them more attractive on a physical level.

    "white guys only consider asain girls for fun casual daters nothing really serious"

    This is just typical race-purity prejudice, and it exists to some degree in every race, usually when dealing with the men. If you're a white woman, it's "Stay away from those black men, they just want to up their player status by banging a white girl". If you're black, it's "Stay away from those white men, they just want to get their jungle fever on".

    Don't pay any attention to sh*t like this. YES - there are guys out there who just want to use you for sex and won't take you seriously. And there are a LOT of them, but these guys treat all women the same, not just specific races.

    Don't get yourself so worked up by what other people say. You see better than ANYONE how your relationship is. If he's not giving you any reason to think that he's not taking you seriously, then don't f*ck the whole thing up with pointless worrying.


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  • It's difficult because you over think the small

    details, fact is, right now you two are together

    and it's up to both of you to make it last ^.~

  • I have never dated an Asian girl. Not that I wouldn't, the opportunity just never presented itself. I think you're overly worrying, dont' deal in stereotypes. If he likes you or doesn't like you, it's got nothing to do with your ethnicity.

  • That might be true for some, but certainly not true for all. I could easily see myself dating an Asian girl and actually having a long term relationship with her. I know someone who dated an Asian girl for a long time, and I know someone whose parents are white and Asian, and still together.

  • You seem smart and look pretty in your photo, so I wouldn't worry about him only dating you for some sort of stereotype or something. I have never dated an Asian girl myself, but if a pretty and smart one came along who I had a good connection with I definitely would. Don't worry at all about the native speaker thing. I have dated a couple girls who were not native speakers and I found it adorable how differently they sounded. Remember, a pretty girl can make just about anything seem cute to a guy, ha ha.

    From my friends who have dated Asian girls, they just like how different and exotic they are, and how smart they tend to be. If there is one thing I can't stand, it is a dumb girl, no matter how hot they are! So don't worry one bit.

  • That sh*t sounds weird, but I don't put anything past all the nutjobs in this world.

    If you're guy seems normal, probably doesn't have those "issues".

    Seriously, I don't discriminate, I have dated everything under the sun, if you're hot, and we have chemistry, it's going down. I don't have any color fetishes.

  • I have never heard either of those stereotypes before. The guy likes you and it is going well. He sees you as his girlfriend I would imagine not his Asian girlfriend.

  • Petite women tend to be trophy wives.

    Asian women tend to be petite.

    Therefore Asian women tend to be trophy wives.

    No one likes fat Asians though except for black people.

  • This is subjective. Never listen to generalazation crap

  • I'm Asian so there's no problem in me on that.

  • lol God forbid nerds find anyone attractive or actually get to date anyone.

    The stereotype is also that the Asian girls are gold digger types. Though it would appear that it is not limited to just Asians. Almost any girl that goes for white guys will have some people thinking that.

    Anyway, I've never dated an Asian girl and I don't know anyone close to me that has. Not because we are unwilling. It's just that there aren't that many here. The few Asians that are around usually stick together.

    When it comes to interracial marriages, Asian women/white men are the most numerous and Asians only make up about 5% of the population in America. I think that might signify a little more than just thinking of them as someone to casually date, don't you think?


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