Stick around or get out?

Must be an epidemic, I've seen a ton of questions like the one I'm about to ask. Kidding aside, what do you all do when your S.O. is too busy to respond to a text? I'm not talking about one or two occasions where they "forgot." I'm talking about situations where the person admits to reading your text and not responding because, "It didn't really need a response."

This has been happening for the past 2 weeks and in all honesty, it bugs. I don't expect to initiate an entire conversation with my SO if she's busy, but a simple, "Hey, I'm busy and can't talk now" would be perfect.

Does this bother anyone else?

Oh, and what annoys me even more is that she has time to reply to her other friends about non-school/work related texts.


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  • It does bother me a bit but it's not really something to worry about since I'm busy myself and I can see the perspective of my SO.