Guys and texting...would you do a happy face among guy friends?

Or the only time you do a happy smily face is when you text a girl flirting?

This guy text me: "have a good weekend. Talk to you soon :)."

And hour later text me again. "Thanks :) talk to you soon."

I asked if that text was also for me. He said yes...What do you think?


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  • The only time I've texted with a smiley face is to the girl I like. No one else. Most guys don't use smiley faces because we tend to this it's 'gay' (which it isn't IMO). I use it as a flirting tool however, I'm not sure if the other girl does as well. Would you text someone with a :) if they were just a friend or family member. Or would do it only to guys you like?

    • i personally do it to all my close friends and people I like a lot...guys yes obviously...but this is the girls perspective...

      guys you said, I thought they would not...however, the two anony. answered...they both do use...however, I am not sure if age has to do with it...such as younger guys and more friendly guys would use it...

    • Each guy is different.

      Not trying to sound conceited or anything but I am a nice friendly guy (more like shy though). And I'm 24.

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  • It doesn't mean anything.

  • Guys use :) all the time. Nothing to worry about.

    • never knew that lol...good to know..but how old are you?

      he is like 40 yrs. old lol

  • I smiley-face all the time. You're over thinking things.

    • i might.. you are a friendly person ... good to know that guys do that :)

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