Why would he say this to me?

I told the guy I have been dating for 2 months maybe a bit longer! that my friend asked me out and I had said no! when I told him all he said was I should have said yes to going on a date! I asked why and he just said I just should have!

im really confused since me and him having been along so well and now out of the blue he's telling go date my friend!

So I ended up messaging him saying I'm sorry if I had said things that he didn't wanna know and I'm sorry if I made him feel bad or uncomfortable!

he has seen the message but not replied back! I really feel like I'm gonna lose him and I don't wanna lose him since he the most decent guy I have ever met only guy to get me to open up to him as much as I do and I really feel like I'm falling for him! do you think he will forgive me? or go?


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  • It seems that he's no longer interested in you.


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  • why did you tell him that? his jealous and thinks that your playing with him, now his trying to look superior?!.,

    • It just slipped out! I get so conformable around him that things just slip out!

  • Are you sure you are dating and not "dating"?

    IE are you 100% positive he isn't dating other people right now.

    • As hard as it is for me to say I'm not 100% sure he isn't dating other people.

    • Until you have the 'exclusivity' conversation you should never assume, especially in your age range.

      You need to have that conversation before you get too attached because it is common for people your age to date around while people figure out what they want. If you two are not on the same page and are looking for different things then you need to cut bait immediately before you get more emotionally invested in this "relationship".

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  • Could he be jealous of your friend? Think about how you act around your friend too, could it make your boyfriend upset? He may just have been letting some of that out

  • Why did you say that lol

    • It just slipped out! I get so conformable around him that things just slip out! but I have managed to get him talking about football so might take his mind off it.

    • It just came out! honestly I get so conformable around him that sometimes I just say things!

    • Haha it made me laught . Somethink that I would say when I m nervse . Dw about it he has prob forgoten about it and did not no what to say so that was his responce . Try giveing yourself 30 seconds before you say somethink when you are nervse and think of how you would feel but dw he prob thinks its cute that you tould him :-)