Did I do something wrong?

There's this guy friend of mine that I had a drunken encounter with last 4/20, and we've kind of been attracted to each other since... We went out recently and he was touching my hair and shoulder and being overall really chivalrous; and we kind of talked the prospect of getting together over.

But the thing is, he's gotten kind of distant after that. :/ we still text all day every day but it's been different. I try to give him his space like say I'd text him maybe later, but he insists sometimes.

Is he just thinking things over or have I done something wrong?


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  • you probably should have had more dates before talking about (getting together)? chivalrous types tend to be shy, he likes to message you but will hesitate to go on another date? so maybe double-date? :/

    • Our relationship's pretty different, actually. :/ but you're probably right! Lol it's just before everything I was his lady wingman so it's sort of strange.

  • It seems that he just doesn't want to get too close though it's clear that he's attracted to you.


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