How to get a kiss/make out at a club?

I've never kissed before its embarrassing and I'm older. I feel like this experience is holding me from going after guys (stop being super shy and even bitchy) towards guys I like and I've gone clubbing before and danced with guys a little bit...however its not lead to something more physical. Just want a kiss don't wanna leave with the guy.

girls/guys advice, tips? thanks


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  • When I was in a club with a good friend once, (it was probably one of the hottest night I've seen in a club, people were on fire..) a chick walk-passed us and stepped onto my friend's shoe.

    She turned around to say "ooops sorry" + ultra naughty face

    I turned my head to look around for 2 seconds, when I turned my head back to look at my friend, he was kissing her...

    so the whole thing took in total about 5 seconds... it shouldn't be too hard for a girl to get a kiss from a guy.

    • I guess I`m not that pretty or something about me deters guys away like that lol but I`m good at pranking people in situations so maybe I`ll take from that...

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  • Just initiate it when you both are dancing.

  • get drunk !

    • lol I would but I don't drink

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    • even though I hate the smell of alcohol lol I'll see

    • or you can choose to make out with a biker like me ? . or just make out with me idc

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  • When you're dancing, put your arms around his neck and look up at him. Give him a little smile, then look down at his lips and back at his eyes.

    If he doesn't get the hint and lean in for the kiss, he's a dumbie.

  • When you're grinding with him, just turn your head and make to kiss him. Most guys return it enthusiastically. Another way is to grind facing him, then lean in close enough and he'll usually kiss you. More indirectly, start kissing his neck and he'll get the picture. Doesn't mean you have to go home with him, only do what you're comfortable doing. If he doesn't want to he'll lean away and back up, but I've never seen that happen.

    • I did the lean in thing once and got turned down lol :( so it makes me super nervous to try it again

      But a year later my friend told me he had a girlfriend, don`t know if at the time of him rejecting me he did.

      thanks for the tips

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    • p.s. how do you make to kiss someone lol I know silly question but I'm such a newbie.

    • Place your hand on the side of his face like a soft caress, and tilt your head towards him while lightly nudging him in your direction.