Why is it a big deal when I text them?

at my campus there is a lot of girls .( I'm a shy guy ) . when I text girls they make such a big deal out of it ? why is that ? they'll start saying "oh he texted me " " oh he called me " Etc. . why tho?


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  • Girls like to over analyze and think too much when ANY guy texts them. They automatically assume "oh he likes me, that's why he's texting me".

    I mean - that's what I would think, since I'm still naive.

    • lol . I was texting to be friendly

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  • coz this days whole love relationships start with texts go on with texts and .End with a text, without actually talking in person... ^_^

  • It seems that they are just attracted to you.

    • i'm not attracted to them , so what do I do ?

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