This guy seems interested... I need some professional guy help!

Hi there,

So I'm sort of stuck in a weird situation. I'll try to be as brief as possible because I don't want you guys to have to read way too much..

There's this guy I met almost 6 months ago. At first our relationship was strictly professional, but I did notice how he did sometimes go out of his way to help me out, and paid a lot of attention to me. I thought he's probably just a really nice guy. Sometimes he would joke around with me and sometimes he would say something that could be taken in a very flirty or even sexual way, but I was never really sure. Over time he started being more and more friendly, and we would have long conversations and talk about a lot of things. We'd ask about each others personal life and hobbies and normal stuff. When I would see him out of work he would talk to me on an even more personal level and was very flirty. We laughed a lot and it was really nice. He would try to catch my attention a lot, and would find excuses to touch me (not in a perverted way lol). He told me to stay in touch and text him, that he likes hearing from me.

So its been a month now since I last saw him in person (last time we met up at a party his and my former job had, then we took the bus home together), We texted a bit back and forth and I called him once (talked for a good 20 something minutes). The thing is, he keeps telling me to continue calling/texting but never does it first himself. He'll ask me things like "what are you doing today and tomorrow?" and make a point to tell me he's off too, but then won't ask me to meet up.

I texted him twice about 2 weeks ago, and he didn't answer. So I figured, OK, I guess I should take the hint. But then I had to call him for some information, so I texted him to call me when he could and he called literally less than a minute later. He apologized for not answering my messages and that he sees them and likes hearing from me. He asked me to keep calling. So last week I asked him to call me when he had a chance, he texted me back that he was busy at the moment but would later. He never did...

What's up with this guy? I'm nervous to ask him bluntly and to take initiative because he wont, and I'm afraid that maybe I'm reading into things?

Two other guys have already started up with me since I last saw him and I'm kind of putting them on hold because I don't know where he stands...

What do you think? Is he even interested? What should I do?

Thank you so much for you time!

Have a good one :)


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  • Sometimes men want you to make the move. From what u've told us, he told you he was off the same days you were. Maybe he waited 4u to initiate to make plans. When he touched u, he may have done that 2see your reaction. I think he gave you hints enough to show you he wanted more than just a friendly professional relationship. Probably he thought you were not interested and stopped his efforts.

    It sounds you also like him. Sad that time passes us by and we just never know. I bet if you text him and say u'd like to try this new restaurant or a cafe, and just bluntly say 'would you like to try it w/me? Or . . . call him, if he doesn't answer, don't worry, he wants you to leave a message. Say something friendly, yet flirty w/an opened ended question. Let him call you back and then talk about the new place you want to try and ask if he'd like to try it w/u. Good luck. All I've told you is cause I've gone through it already. :) Any guy reading this, would you agree?

    In the meantime, don't close the doors to the other two.


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  • Though I'm not a professional guy, it has been a steady hobby of mine for some time now. My advice to you is that you simply ask him out.

  • It seems that he's not putting any effort into you, though he's interested in you.


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  • I know you're prob looking for a guys perspective on this, but, my two cents as a girl- he really doesn't sound that interested, or rather, interested enough to call you back or go out with you. I can see why its confusing as he keeps on asking you to text him but then he never initiates it. And the other guys you put on hold? Go out with them. Don't let this guys games get to you. Play them back. Stop calling him and maybe hell start wondering why you aren't calling him and start calling you . But in the meantime go out with the other two guys that truly want to date you.