Should I just run? Or what should I do?

I like this guy who's hung up on his ex. They stopped seeing each other like, almost a year ago. But they're still in contact because they work together. I'm my opinion, she's a manipulative shrew. She flirts and leads him on but has no real intention of being with him. So he's left hung up.

When we were first dating, he didn't tell me about that, then we stopped for a while. We kind of fell back down the rabbit hole, but have stopped again.

He says he likes me a lot, but also said that part of him hopes I could help him forget and get over her. He said I help him forget about her. He kind of treats me like a girlfriend, even though we've stopped kissing. I slept at his house the night before last (I had been drinking and couldn't drive). And he cuddled a little in the middle of the night (not putting any moves on me), and in the morning he seemed a little upset that I didn't cuddle him back.

He's told me he doesn't know what he wants. But I feel like he should know if he wants me or not. I don't want to feel second ringer to this girl either.

Should I run? Or what should I do?


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  • I think you have to give him a stronger signal whether you're into him or not because otherwise he's gonna continue to be confused & frustrated with the situation. Just put yourself out there a little bit and then he should respond and you guys can see where it goes from there...good luck.

    • Well he knows I like(d) him a lot. But this other girl is too in his life to date. I'm trying to not mess with his head and be clear friends. I also don't want him to take advantage of my feelings and fall into friends with benefits or something.

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