Is it possible for her to go from liking me to not wanting anything to do with me

I was seeing this girl last year, She had told me that she had commitment issues and I never rushed anything with her. Eventually she wanted us to be exclusive and wanted me to ump the other girls (which I did because I thought it was completely worth it for this girl) but early this year she broke things off. She told me she over thought things and now she just wants to be alone. For a long while she seemed confused up until last month. My friend saw me drunk texting her that I missed her he took my phone and I wasn't in the state of mind to be really bothered. By the next morning he had used my phone to send really disrespectful texts and they both exchanged such texts on my phone. I tried to smooth everything out the next morning but she said his messages to her ruined our friendship. I made him apologize in person to her twice and then I gave it two weeks before saying anything to her. When I reached out to her I apologized again told her I still had feelings for her, we should try to work things out and not let his stupid actions come between us. She responded saying she can't look at me the same way and prefers/thinks we are better off not being the way we are and continue with no communication at all. I tried to get her to realize that if I was in the right state of mind the texts that were sent to her from my phone would never have happened especially not to her. She said she understands but she can't over look situations like that in her life and I should leave things be and she has no hard feelings towards me but she can't look at me the same way. I saw her the next day at an event, said hi and didn't really say anything to her. She sends me a text later that night saying I want to fix things but I act super awkward around her. And I told her that I want to fix things but I don't know what she wants. And the only reason I don't say anything to her is because I don't know what to expect especially with how she has has reacted towards me for three weeks. She responded saying she didn't know what else to say to me and we never spoke since then. I really don't understand why she would react this way to me or why I'm being punished for something I had nothing to with.


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  • She still likes you.

    Your insecurity and low esteem destroyed your chance.

    • My insecurity/low self esteem? Where did get that from