Do I let him know that I found out he has a girlfriend and do I tell that he is a dirty cheater?!

So I recently found out that the guys I have been dating and sleeping with has a girlfriend. I found out because I spent the night at his house and his cell phone alarm was going off so I turned it off and his text message history was on the screen and I saw a text where the girl said, "I love you" and he said, "I love you too." I didn't mean to snoop I swear. I haven't even told him I saw it. I don't know what to do I thought it was just me and him now I feel pretty pissed off because he has been playing me!

*this guy NOT the guys


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  • Yes, you should tell him so that he gets scared and doesn't dare to do this to another girl. You should also tell him that you will find out who his girlfriend is, and reveal the truth to her. He is such a douche bag! How could he do this to you? Don't feel bad about snooping as if you had not done so, then you would have never known the bitter truth. Dump this jerk and move on with life. He's not worth your time and affection.

    • You're right MorbidPrincess...I haven't talked to him since yesterday before I found out. We had went to a casino and he been drinking so he parked his car somewhere and we went in my truck to his house, I was supposed to take him to get his car when we woke up but I was so disgusted I just left his house while he was sleeping without even telling him goodbye. I think he is mad at me and probably confused. Should I call him and tell him I know or just text him?

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    • SENT :)

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  • You should definitely do that.

    • Do what? Send naked pics of him to his gf?

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  • The guy I'm with now had a girlfriend when we first started talking. I didn't know about her though. He didn't think I was going to be with him so he didn't think he needed to. The girlfriend ended up messaging me on Facebook telling me he had a girlfriend. I confronted him first thing. He kicked her out of the house and that was it. We've been together over a year now with no problems.

    • Idk what to do...he told me he really likes me and blah blah blah then I see him telling that girl he loves her. I don't know what to I tell him I know or what? My bff told me I should text his girlfriend and tell her he is cheating on her. I feel grossed out because all of the sexual things we do and to know he is more than likely doing it to her and who knows how many other girls!

    • Nevertheless, he was still cheating on his girlfriend, with you. How can you be sure that he will not do the same thing to you if he gets a better girl? Such kind of guys can't be trusted.

    • He can't be cheating on me. We live together and he doesn't go anywhere besides work and I know that for a fact. He doesn't have a phone so he couldn't be texting girls behind my back and he doesn't have any social networking accounts so I know I'm safe.