Is he interested or is it rejection after date?

I have met a men on a dating site 3 months ago. We were writing to each other for all this time, exchanging messages nearly every day. He proposed a meeting for a cafe. I agreed, we met last week. He was very nice and courteous during the meeting (but not really flirty he complimented me twice but he was not seducer's type). He was trying to prolonge the meeting and at the end he said he would like to meet again someday and he kissed me on a cheek for goodbye. When I came back home I received a message from him on that dating site that it was a nice meeting and he confessed he was slightly nervous/shy during this first metting (he wrote it in a light manner though). Then for next few days we exchanged just few simple and short messages. He didn't mention anything about future meeting and since two days he stopped writing. Is it an absolute sign he is not longer interested in this relationship?


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  • Yes.

    Dating sites are kind of a crap shoot. I find that they suck. 95% of the people you send a message to don't respond. 4 percent respond but those conversations end up going nowhere and .99% may actually result in a meeting but usually end up disappointing. This is of course from a guys perspective. I'm sure some of the prettier girls online get hammered with some terrible one liner emails.

    There are a few reasons for this. The first mainly is during your online conversations you get a build up of all these expectations. The reality is you are missing some very vital factors. Pheromones, and body language. Yes, you won't know if the person is worth it until you meet them. In other words you probably should of met him the week you first talked to him online. You'll learn more about the person in one sitting and whether they are worth the effort than you will in a month of social interaction on the internet.


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  • did you tell him how you felt on that date and if you like him? maybe he's waiting for you to make the next step or something?.,!

    • When at the end of the meeting he said he wants to meet someday I said smiling that it depends on him. So I suppose he should know I like him.. And I don't feel quite comfortable with for example proposing a meeting I don't know what to do or think about this..:/

    • that just can be the way he is, because he did text you right after the date, saying he was (slightly nervous/shy during this first metting) if you really like him you should just texts him and try to continue talking...

  • It must be that he's just busy, or he can't get over the fact that he was nervous during the whole date.


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