When will he call/text?

Met a guy last night at a party, talked a lot, made out a little. Gave him my number e texted me around 4am saying we should hang out next weekend and I agreed. When would you expect I'd hear from him again if he's actually serious about meeting up?

  • Later tonight
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  • Just a day or two before next weekend
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  • I think it varies depending on the type of guy I would say if he really wants to get to know you he will text you with in 2-3 days depending on how busy he is etc. He may even text you before the day you and him meet up again or even on the day. Sometiems guys don't like texting as much as girls do. It does seem like their might be some chemistry so if he really likes you he will text a lot and more often.Placing a time table is always hard because everybody has different rules.

  • You have his number? If so, call him. If not, probably won't call for awhile if at all. But if you're interested, call him first. It won't make you seem desperate or anything at all. Guys don't think like that. Maybe some immature boys who are stupid, but most guys don't and don't really care. We appreciate that the girl shows an interest and has a spine to make a move.

    • Thanks :$ I agree with this.. I actually did end up texting him just asking how things were going and stuff.. didn't hear from him till the next day when he said he was having problems with his phone and asked if I had tried to message him. I said I had. and haven't heard from him again? :S been another day. ha ha I'm so confused. also.. very small and probably dumb point, but I added him on fb. but he hasn't accepted the request..but he's been online since. :S thoughts?

    • Possible he is having problems with his phone and maybe just not paying too much attention to notifications on Facebook, alternatively might not be as interested as it seems :\

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