Me and my ex dated for a year and we broke up and within 2 weeks he kissed another girl

me and my ex dated for a year I was madly in love with him but the last month we was dating he didn't treat me like he cared about me but he was also going through something with his dad that most kids wouldn't go through and he just started changing and he only sent me one worded text and he said he was confused if he was in love with me or not I told my parents me and him has had sex and things got tough between me and him and I just didn't think he cared about me anymore so I tried talking to him about how I felt and we got into a argument so I told him we needed a break he could chose break or break up and he chose break up with in a week he went to the movies with another girl and made out with her and the next Monday they made out at his truck and she told him she didn't have any feelings for him I knew something was going on between them but both ofthem said nothing was going on but I finaly found out the truth and now he is trying to get back with me saying he realized I was the one he wonted and that he loves me and only me and he would do aything to make it up to me I always told him if he kissed another girl it would be the point of no return but I honestly do love him and care for him and I miss everything about him and I have been so hurt and I told him I just wanna be friends till I figure everything out but he has been trying to hold my had and making out with me and I don't know what to do I forgave him but I just can forget about what he did and I'm going to prom with another guy in 2 weeks and told him I might start talking to him after prom and he said he would wait forever for me and I'm don't know what to do I'm just so lost


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  • Don't go with him. He's just using you as his last resort.


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