Should I be concerned?

Not sure whether I should be concerned or not. Before my girlfriend and I started dating we were friends. She used to reply to my texts really late (30min - 6 hours later), and we didn't really talk on the phone much. There was a bit of tension between us due to previous issues that we finally resolved; ironically they were issues that stemmed from us not dating . When we started dating she started replying to my texts quickly and would apologize if she couldn't.

Now, 6 months into the relationship she is starting to reply to my messages late again, that's if she even replies. What's interesting is that we talk on the phone a little more now, maybe for an hour a night as opposed to nothing. She recently told me that a friend asked her out, and we did argue a bit last week which is why I'm concerned. I feel there's nothing to worry about...but I'm not sure.


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  • Why should you worry? You're dating for six months now, so I feel that she thinks you know she's more serious about it now and that she just doesn't have the time to answer (when she doesn't answer). You didn't worry about not talking on the phone before, right?

    I wouldn't be too concerned. But if you do feel uncomfortable or doubting, call her and ask her if she's upset or something.

    • I'm worried because I know in the past this is how she would show that she is losing interest/is interested in someone else.

      She still maintains a high school mentality, where she likes to play games and always hints at things.

    • Then ask her if something is going on. We can either say you should worry or not to worry. It's up to you to act on it. If we say: don't worry, it could calm you down, but it won't change the facts and how you feel.

    • I'll speak with her soon, she is definitely the type of person who hints at things in order to get you to ask, "What's up?"

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  • You should be concerned.

    She's getting uninterested in your relationship anymore.